What is TWITTER to me

TWITTER and what it means to me,

I have been on twitter for quite a few months now. It is a fascinating environment that makes people confused in the beginning.

Once you get to know the environment, it gives you a great feeling.

I must admit, I was frustrated in the beginning, I committed TWITTERsuicide twice.

Second time round I even totally deleted my account, and now I regret it since I had some nice followers who haven’t followed back since.

Due to a program on Flemmish television, I got re-involved.

My brother was interviewed by Martin Heylen, called “God en klein pierke”

For the sake of the program and wanting to know the reactions on TWITTER I revived my account and started reading the tweets on #godenkleinpierke.

My mother called me and she asked what I thought of the program and of course, I loved it. Was kind of emotional and I told her about the positive tweets.

She wanted to be on TWITTER immediately. Through Teamviewer I can reach her computer. I created an account @bomahuysentruyt and managed to show her the tweets live.

This is where I got the DE-click, TWITTER could be friendly too, and actually TWITTER is just an open space where people talk and shout.

Stay calm, never get aggravated because you are the one that retreats, not TWITTER.

Stay polite, this is real life, you are talking to other people who have the same feelings, the same worries, they have jobs, or they go to school, they have exams or they get pay checks.

Some of them or politicians, some are stand-up comedians.

Some of them have more humour then all of the previous but are down to earth people.

So treat TWITTER well and it will treat you well in return.

You will get to know marvellous individuals, who have opinions, not necessarily yours,

You will meet people that have the same interests and you will chat about them.

And of course you will meet people that are giving you wise lessons through expressions and pictures and what have you.

Read them and absorb, because it is wisdom and it helps us build a better world.

You will meet people that write with an erotic flavour, why not, it is fun, everybody wants to express themselves and the humour is sometimes hilarious.

I have learned that women can be talking more about sex than men, only for this, TWITTER is an eye-opener.

Some people also meet in #twunches, or #twinners, I can tell you, a lot of fun #projectxy .

And then, there is #ff, follow Friday, where you push your followers to start following more people, so you get more followers in return !

Also enjoy the unexpected, you sometimes will be favored by a person out of the blue, or somebody will talk to you when you don’t expect it, but want it the most at that point in time !

So hope I gave you a good reason to start tweeting or continue tweeting.

And yes, to be UNFOLLOWED does hurt, people always ask themselves questions why, but you know what?

If you are UNFOLLOWED a couple of times and you didn’t hurt anybody else then leave it be, I have had UNFOLLOWERS that returned.


Your underling @likokeemokee,

PS1. This is in no way advertisement for TWITTER and I have no links with the company whatsoever !

PS2. I wish to thank all my followers for the interest and the patience with a tweeter like me and also #tettn (don’t ask)

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