Lieven is currently studying: Verkorte Educatieve Master @ UGent

BMSvision: Company where Lieven worked till end of January 2020 (26 years) as a Sales Executive, traveling around the world to Latin-America, Italy, Spain, Portugal, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.

Lived nearly 4 years in Charlotte, NC, USA working for Sophis Systems N.V.

Studied at PIH in Kortrijk where he got a Masters degree as
“Industrieel Ingenieur Chemie”
specialised in wastewater treatment,
Thesis: Anaerobic denitrification of wastewater in a fluidised bed reactor

Lieven went to school at Sint Amandscollege in Kortrijk and was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly Zaïre and Belgian Congo, in the city of Kisangani, formerly Stanleystad where dad had a coffee plantation in Yaoseko, downstream the Congo river towards Yangambi

Instagram: @likokeemokee

LinkedIn: Lieven Huysentruyt

How to make CHIMICHURRI (SOS PIET featuring Lieven on Flemish television VTM)

Life in Congo - tribute to my parents

Life in Congo – tribute to my parents

Vaderdag 2020 Damast, Kortrijk