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December 30st , 2011


Dear family and friends,

Here I am!
Sitting in front of my PC  looking at a screen! Yes it is December 30th . Little inspiration and I have to write this New Year’s letter again and more and more I get the feeling that one page does not seem enough. What emotions does one suffer during a whole year, yes, and now? We thought the crisis was over?  What crisis? Where crisis, Where on this f ... .. planet do we not have a crisis? Uberal! Are we in a sort of Déjà vu era?
Or becoming defaitist?

Lets start again, replay, turn the tape back, no I'm not the man to talk about all the problems in the world, let alone Flanders (Do not mention the war and do not mention Belgium), let alone Kortrijk  and Dixmude . I have traveled the world and I think I know what it is made off.
Much misery, a lot of corruption, much dishonesty.

BUT! There are good things in this world and  in this life, there is family, there is this great love, there are the children,  the grandchildren, there are mothers and fathers, there is Bomma (my mother), the brothers and sisters, the friends.
It's the little things that make this world.

A glass of wine, a  barbecue a Christmas tree, so what can we moan about with so many problems, but this is  what the “plebs” of this world has to live with.

Thank god we have family.

My darling Katrien finished a huge job this year, in Sunparks the cottage is a gem at the Flemish coast. Beautiful, it can be viewed here: 't-Vissershuis-622 Sunparks (ook op google streetview ). This year we were in Sicily, we met some really cool people, hey Bolleke and Alex, Dennis and Bert and the rest! Furthermore, traveled extensively and worked some as well (Mexico, India, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Spain, Italy, ....) Katrien and I also spent some time in Barcelona and Sitges and god the tapas, what were they good, and that Raimat wine?
Oh yes we also went to Tenerife and the Teide, because of our presence has not erupted, however the Etna and Stromboli did.

Our Steven has just left the nest and started living with Daphné in their new house, congratulations. Now I have to organise somebody watering my orchids when I am gone. Yes, the house will really be empty. Noah and Elisah grow as colyflower and Annelies has passed the internship of her life at Duke University, Durham, NC USA. Yes Lisa, I know you're dreaming, but dreams are what makes this world go round and Stefaan keeps on plastering (lol).
Nathalie goes into cosmetics and we have already experienced a fine example of her capabilities, Katrien and I received a make-up a few weeks back.

The Bomma is still as cool and as a wild as a young deer. Respect, keep on going Bomma ! Maybe soon you should be seen on TV  again, Jeroen needs some competition.
Yes, your everyday food “dagelijkse kost”, I still prefer, keep calling me for lunch, I love it.

Right, I am sitting here, typing on my 53rd birthday with one hand. On December 15th I had surgery on my right shoulder, and now I am on rehabilitation. Doctor says two months, I do not think I will be able to handle it, but the goal is to play tennis again  and with my left hand carry luggage on my travels, and maybe do some other things.

 I am delighted with the birthday-cards I received, also phone calls from the family, Bomma was the first, sister Jo and bro Piet,  yes even from Diksmuide Mammie and even a phone call from Peru, my dear friend Rafi, the land of ceviche and patatoes. Gracias Rafi, Feliz Año Nuevo y un fuerte abrazo.

Yes a phonecall still exists, no Twitter, no Faecesbook, just chat with eachother without computers, we don’t do it  enough!  

You know what, ... .. I will stop talking right? Oh yes one more thing and actually more to our foreign friends: Belgium has not yet split, the change is not there yet, we still eat fries with mayonnaise, we still have a king, we still have the best beer, chocolat and diamonds in the world and after  536 days we have a government (the figures are correct), Di Rupo is Prime Minister and Bart Dewever goes for a giant score in the next election. Bart go for it ! And now no further comments, my opinion can be asked for if needed. D..mn! , I  forget to say, the iPad is the best thing  I've ever bought and I knew because I had an iPod touch and it was already very good. And now  I remain silent, fortuna vitrea est; tum cum splendet, frangitur!

In any case, all the Huysentruyt’s wish you a


Teide, Tenerife, last eruption early 1900’s

Stromboli, Eolic islands Italy, constant eruptions

Etna, Sicilia, Italy, erupting sometimes

Popocatepetl, Mexico, erupting sometimes

Bunch of friends erupting all the time, 2011 the year of the volcano,

A fridge, look who's painting !




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