Nonkel Piet

We have a famous uncle a “Bekende Vlaming”. His name is Piet Huysentruyt and he can be seen on VTM in his program

SOS Piet 

De Perfecte Keuken

During the previous years he also appeared in Lekker Thuis and Piet’s Pan.

A nice retrospective was made in #KROOST where he visited the coffee-plantation of his father in Congo, Kisangani (formerly Stanleystad) together with, his mother Denise and his brother Lieven who was born in Stanleystad in 1958.

Piet already published more then 30 cook books and sold more then 3 million copies

He recently started his latest challenge:


 Also his LOT happening scored high,

Likoké On Tour, a voyage of him and his team through Kortrijk, Belgium; Osaka, Japan; Singapore; Ubuth, Bali, Indonesia and Frenschhoek, South Africa